I’m on the 10:50 AM flight to Denver tomorrow.

The plan is that I will land about 2:30 PM, get a car, and drive the hundred miles to Cheyenne.

Depending on whether an autopsy proves necessary, I will have my father’s remains released to me and the funeral home on Monday. He will be cremated soon thereafter. I had a call from my friend Nathan tonight and we may be picking up a lama friend of his and doing Phowa (transference of consciousness) over my father’s remains before the three day window passes. I’m not sure of his time of death but if we do it on Monday, it will be within the window.

Once he is cremated (Tuesday, hopefully), I’ll drive to New Castle, where much of my family is from, and give his remains to a cousin. She will arrange a memorial service and for him to be put in a plot where his sister’s remains are. I’m hoping to be able to attend this.

Following this, I hope to go to Denver by Thursday and see to his apartment. I need to contact a lawyer so I can get probate issues worked on. After the lawyer and clearing out his apartment as much as possible, I will come home, hopefully by next weekend.

I appreciate the support that people have given to me today. Thanks, guys.