New Role

I have now officially converted from being a Software Test Lead reporting to the Director of Test for my department (Internet Explorer) to being a Project Manager on the Program Management team in the same group. I’m reporting to a Program Manager Lead that I’ve worked with for three or so years now and who I have a pretty friendly relationship with. Technically, my role still reports to my old manager to the extent that he will be turning in my review but I am having a “semester abroad” working for the PM team and “dotted line” reporting to my new manager. My day to day work and my coaching will be done by my new manager and my title has been changed (which we were in the process of doing even when I was in the test org since I don’t really lead a test team and haven’t for a year now).

This is something that came to a head during the last two weeks with some work that I’d been investigating for the team and which we’ve committed to do. I’m not going to speak publicly about the project, which hasn’t been announced, but my work will be focused on external customers and our relationships with them. I’m going to continue to run the blog for the IE team and I’ll probably wind up working on related areas in this combined space over time.

After eight and a half years as a full time employee in test, I now work for the dark side. My questions on where to get khakis and polo shirts for a good price was ignored by the PM management team…