Coffee Day on the PM Team

My first task on the PM day was to take much of a day off and go with my new org to Zoka Coffee, a local specialty coffee roasting company. This was part of getting the team to hang out, raise morale, and get to know people.

Many of us on the team have worked together for years but there are a number of newer faces or people, like me, who have changed roles.

There was a presentation on coffee production from farming to roast and Zoka’s business while we had much fine coffee. We learned how coffee tasting and quality control works through a bit of coffee tasting. We did tea tasting as well. Then there was a presentation on proper espresso making by their barista trainer who also competes in the barista competitions. We had a  bit of lunch and got to visit the roasting portion of the operation and see how that works in close detail.

All in all, for a coffee lover like myself (it is just about my only vice), a fun time.

Tony, who runs the PM org (my new boss’ boss) put pictures he took up at You can see me at though it isn’t the best photo of me. :-)