Things to make you paranoid...

I called home on my way to my masonic lodge this evening. R had just gotten home and said “Hey, did you call? I can hear a message is waiting.” (Our new phone system chirps when a message is waiting.) I told her that I hadn’t called and I asked her to play it in case it was something important. With all of my dad’s stuff going on and with someone coming from out of town to crash with me tomorrow for the retreat, who knows?

The voice on the other end identifies itself as a special agent for the FBI. He’s leaving a message for me by name. An old e-mail address (his words) of mine had come up on the fringes of a case and he and the others he’s working with are wondering if I might be able to shed some light on some people that they are interested in. He then leaves his desk number for Seattle. The tone of it was very nonchalant, “hey, just calling to ask you something.”

This is enough to make one paranoid but I figure if the FBI wanted me for something, I’d get a visit, not a fire and forget phone message on an answering machine that doesn’t even identify itself as being mine. Being the FBI, I assume that they looked up a local number for me (since I’m listed or even if I wasn’t…) and called it. Besides, to my knowledge, I’ve never committed a felony and I’m not a terribly shady character.

I left him a message just after six but I guess the government gets off at five or something. I’ll give him a call tomorrow morning. I did leave my cell number. I wonder who they are looking at though (and if I find out, I’ll probably be asked not to say, which I can respect). One would assume it was local in some manner but the last time I changed e-mail addresses was in July, 2004. I just checked my own mail archive and looked at when I was getting e-mail at my last one. Who would have had my e-mail address for over 1 1/2 years ago and have ticked off the feds?