Filling Holes

R is gone for the weekend in Berkeley and San Francisco. One of her oldest friends is pregnant and is had a baby shower this weekend. R got to spend time with her family as well.

While she was away, I’d arranged to have the massive hole in my yard filled. I had Eric the Handyman out here for twelve hours on Saturday an eight hours today. Over 30 cubic yards of gravel and the same of top soil have now been added to the hole. The green strip down the side of the house has new top soil as well because four runs with a massive dump truck left major ruts there. I went and got grass seed this evening and seeded it before the rains come again. The rain will drive the seed in a bit and compact the soil (which is quite stinky and fluffy right now). The downspouts to the back of my house all run into the gravel of  the ex-hole. I already have a sump pit next to it so I put my pump back in there and that should allow the water to be drained when things do get full.

Because of the work, even though I wasn’t directly involved in all of it (though I did arrange the bobcat delivery, etc), I couldn’t really go anywhere during the day. I had planned to go out a bit and that didn’t happen at all. I had Madeline over Saturday night though and we had a nice time hanging out. We watched Laputa: Castle in the Sky and she played with the cats. I also got caught up on Battlestar Galactica.

Speaking of TV, R has been watching Six Feet Under and is finishing up the third season now. I’ve caught the occasional pieces of it but no whole episodes. I’ve been trying to limit my overall time watching TV. I did arrange for us to finally watch the second season of Carnivale and the first season of 24, which we have never seen. We tend to watch whole seasons of shows rather than watching show by show. Lost started out that way for the first season but now we’re caught up for the second. That’s about it for tv though.

I’m still in the middle of my school term. I turned in my second paper for my Greek class at the beginning of the week, which was a few days ahead of the due date for once. I have a paper due for my Independent Study in two weeks. The end of the term in April will be the hardest since at the end of the 15th week (the last week), I’ll have an independent research paper due for the Greek class and the final paper for my Independent Study. Sometime in the next month or so, I still need to go to Wyoming.

Next Saturday, R and I will be in Portland for the Thelemic Symposium there. I will use the trip down to avail myself of the lodge’s research library there. They have a bunch of the Crowley material relating to the Golden Dawn on microfilm so I may be able to find material for my thesis there.