More Spiritual Goodness

On the subject of the Tendai tradition of Japanese Buddhism, I received a couple of the basic practice texts used by the Blue Lotus Assembly. I already had a third from years ago since I’ve had an academic interest in Tendai and Shingon for a decade. All three are by Stephen Hayes and two of them are very straightforward texts for daily or similar meditation and ritual.

I’ve corresponded with Sensei Foster a bit more on the topic of prostrations, meditation on the Aji (letter ‘a’) and some other work I need to do before the Jukai ceremony (the lay ordination). At this point, unless something dramatically difficult happens (which I cannot foresee), I plan on going through full ordination at some point after the lay ordination. While there are Vajrayana practices not included in Tendai that I am involved in (like Dzogchen), Sensei Foster is aware of this and people seem to be cross-training a certain degree with Tibetan teachers to rectify this. What this means for the future of Tendai in America, isn’t clear, but I get the impression that this is also happening in Japan with some people as well.

I’ve been listening to more of the podcasts and Foster seems happy to tackle difficult issues and questions heads on with people and he has a sense of humor about it. I appreciate that and I feel that he is both someone that I can work with and whom has the ability to teach me things that I need to learn.

On a different note, I’ve been asked by a good friend to conduct a wedding for her in the next month or so. I’ve performed two weddings before this. One couple is still together (as far as I know) and one is very much not…Let’s hope for better odds with the next one. :-) I have no idea as of yet concerning ceremony but it sounds like things will be kept pretty low key. Both parties have Christian (somewhat gnostic in at least once instance) inclinations with a strong leaning towards contemplative practices (either Christian or Buddhist). I can work with this easily enough.