The Portland Weekend

R and I had a good time at the Thelemic Symposium this weekend.

I arrived early in the day and spent a few hours with the microfilm from the Warburg institute. I have a set of scans of a Crowley’s handwritten copies of some of the material from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The symposium was interesting in and of itself. We got to hear three longterm Thelemites give their answers to a variety of questions on the nature of Will, the OTO, syncretism, and various other topics. Following this, there was a party for a number of hours and I got to visit with quite a few friends that I only see in the flesh every year or two.

On Sunday, R and I found a cool breakfast place (“The Roxy”) a block from our hotel. It had a full on Roman Catholic Church crucifix hanging on the wall (the kind that is about fifteen feet tall) with a glowing neon halo around Jesus’ head. Cool decor. Afterwards, I spent about an hour and a half in Powells Books and picked up a few things such as a book by Charlie Huston (a novel) and a text on Shingon Buddhism (Tendai’s brother mikkyo tradition).

We had an easy and uneventful drive back and still had time to get other things done. The filled in ex-pool seems to be draining properly. There is an older sump pit next to it that was there even when we had the pool. We laid the rock in such a way that the water was supposed to still drain into the pit (so I could pump it out). This works properly. The soil itself is on landscape matting so the water just drains away. I just need grass to grow now.