Not a lot to report this week...

I don’t have a lot to report this week. My daughter turns ten next week and his coming over tonight to spend the night with us.

I’m working on the second of three papers for my independent study in Western Esotericism. I’ve got a thesis page (the opening) and a chunk of a bunch of the sections done. Once I have my thesis figured out (for required papers) and some sort of outline in place, then it is just the drudge work of assembling all of the bits I want and wordsmithing them to flow together well.

I spent part of the week reading Plato and about the conquest of Melos by the Athenians for my Greek Polis/Philosophy class. I turned in my bibliography and thesis paragraph for the long research paper for that class on Tuesday. I’m going to write on the transition of the Soul from the shades of the dead in Homer through to the Cosmic or World Soul in Plato’s work (and the expression of the soul through stages to get there).