I must say that there is nothing like working on a paper worth 33% of the grade of an independent study for a couple of hours and then having the power suddenly go off in your home for three hours.

“Oh, gee, I’ll guess I’ll just go fuck off for a while now instead of doing this thing I was in the middle of…I hope my computer isn’t fried…wait…did I save recently?”

Luckily, I’m extremely anal about saving whenever I type a paragraph or more (conditioning from working on test operating systems for so long, I think). I didn’t lose anything when the power came back.

I’m probably halfway done or so with the first draft. It was due this last Friday but my prof (my thesis mentor) has always been loose on dates. He’s still sitting on my last paper from five weeks ago. The last e-mail contact was early this week when he mentioned that he was in France filiming a documentary for the history behind the Da Vinci Code. Ah, the life of a professional historian!