Mountain View this week

I’ll be flying down to San Jose, California tomorrow night. I’ll be at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus (SVC) in Mountain View all day Wednesday and then be coming back.

Since I’ll be in the neighborhood, I may see about having coffee with one of my friends in San Francisco. I’ll have a car and my evening will be free.

On another note, I turned in my third paper for my Greek Philosophy/Politics/Whatever class on Friday. That leaves me my research paper on the changing nature of the soul in Greek philosophy from Homer through Plato to do. It is due by the twenty-first, when the term ends.

The last paper for my class on Western Esotericism, on methodology, is due at the same time so it is going to be a bit of a crunch time.

After this term, I only have one class. Looking at the possibilities (it needed to be within the philosophy program), I signed up for the class on Jean-Jacques Rousseau instead of the one on the philosophy of post-modernism. I get to read Voltaire as well for the coursework, which sounds like a nice way to spend the summer.

After this, I just have a single credit thesis preparation class to write the first chapter of my thesis and then the thesis itself…