Post-Apocalypse Peak Oil Fetishists

I’ve posted before about my opinion of the people that make their belief in Peak Oil or the eventual collapse of civilization into a fetish. I had a long basically flaming exchange with some people in comments on the blog this evening because certain people there seem to be gleefully anticipating and hoping for the ending of civilization. This was further elaborated in viewing selfishness as a virtue and that people only have any responsbility at all to their own family.

When did people lose any sense of ethics or the basis of civilization? I have serious problems with aspects of our culture but I believe in the value of communities, order, and a developed sense of ethics towards all humans. I find it appalling that people, especially of my own culture, don’t have these values at all. One thinks that if there were not police and prisons in place, that there might be no restraint on behavior. They even admitted that there would be nothing to stop the killing of others or even violence and rape in their view of ethics.

It’s just a bit sad.