Done with the Independent Study

I just turned in my final paper for my independent study in Western Esotericism at CSU, Dominguez Hills. It came out to a bit over eleven pages and I wrote it today and yesterday (as mentioned last night when I was working on it). R proofed it for me this afternoon, I made some changes and turned it in.

That means that I am done, done, done with this class. I’m not done with that topic since my Master’s thesis will be in that area but I am done with it until September unless I do some more work on my own in the meantime.

I have this week and the next to finish my reading and do the writing on the research paper for my class on the Greek Polis and Philosophy.

After this I’ll have a couple of weeks without class and the class on Rousseau, his philosophy, and the period around it will start. That is the only class that I am taking for the Summer trimester and my last full class in the program. Other than that, I will have only a single one credit class to take which is creating the works cited list and some other initial work on my thesis. I still have to do the writing necessary for my advancement to candidacy but it should be fairly simple.

Unfortunately, the work on my thesis, getting it read by the three professors, and then revised (and then repeat) will probably take at least six months. This means that it will probably be a year until my thesis is complete and it isn’t clear how long it will take to actually be awarded my degree after that. I have heard stories about red tape, timetables, and process on the part of the university.

After that, I’ll have to consider if I ever want to go near a PhD program and writing some of the books that I’ve mentioned before. My mentor would really like me to write a few articles within Western Esotericism and get them published to help build up a curriculum vitae as well.