Whoa...Meltdown, dude!

I just read a long rant from a member (or former member now) of the Anthropik.com site. It seems that I kickstarted the two people, especially the fellow, Ben, into getting censured and potentially removed with the back and forth pseudo-flamewar the other night by pointing them out here on this blog and elsewhere. I guess trackbacks are a bitch.

That was hardly my intention but the disagreements seem to be going hot and heavy internally. It isn’t my business how the Anthropik guys do their thing or if their vision of the “grim meathook future” is different than my own. It’s a public blog after all (both there and here). It is unfortunate that an online disagreement seems to generate even more strife between people, especially people that know each other in person.

The rant I read was available through their RSS feed and I read it on Bloglines. It has been deleted since bloglines pulled the post into their site but the post got into internal divisions, what makes Anthropik a self-identified tribe, and apparently some serious resentment on the part of people. Youch.

I’ve saved off the post but there is no reason to post it really and given the tension, it seems wise not to throw more fuel on this particular fire. Jason or Mike on the site have deleted it and it was clearly spurred by the conversations on Friday and last night into today. I do hope that people can take a deep breath, have a long talk, and not blow this out of proportion. I certainly don’t think it is necessary for Anthropik to do some sort of purge in order to remove people. People rant and people say things but they are rarely as simple as their interactions online.