Finished with the Term

I finished the last paper for this term today. This combined with getting my papers for my independent study back last night (all ‘A’ grades, naturally) means that I am finished with this semester as soon as I mail the paper in. This will be my own copy to be returned graded. I’m e-mailing the one to fulfill the professor’s requirements tomorrow.

Next term, my class is on the period and philosophy of Rousseau (which means that I will be reading Voltaire as well). It is with the same professor as my Greek Polis class, who is the head of the philosophy department at the school. That’s it though. Only one class and I’m done with the classes for the term unless you count the one credit thesis prep class.

I’m very much looking forward to having less reading next term and more time for other things (well, other reading probably…). I’m also looking forward to starting my thesis and I am likely to actually begin a lot of the prep work for that before the prep class this fall. Maybe I’ll work on some independent writing or trying to write one of my potential articles in this field.

I’m also preparing for Jukai in July, which are the refuge vows for Tendai that I will be taking in Ohio. I’m studying and engaging in daily practices for that also.