My Papers

I’ve added the bit below as a section called “My Papers” on this site. I’m only quoting it below for the blog post as well. I received all three of my papers back this evening from Dr. Rietveld, my professor for my independent study and (hopefully) my mentor for my thesis. I did well on all of them. They could all be tweaked a bit but I’m putting them up “as is” for now. I’m happier with these, since I defined the independent study personally, than I am with many of my other papers.

I’ve written a number of papers for my graduate program in Humanities. I don’t normally share them because they are, in a sense, “written to spec.” That is, they are written as papers to fulfill the requirements for specific classes. This means that the texts used, the length of the paper, even the topics focused on are defined by someone else. Because of this, I do not feel that they are always my best work because I think that my best work would be on articles and essays that I’ve written for my own purposes and under my own inspiration.That being the case, the following are a few of the papers that I am willing to share because people have asked:

All three of this were written as part of an Independent Study for my thesis work within Western Esotericism. This was to help me get familiar with the current literature of what is a recently developed discipline and to examine the methodologies used. I received ‘A’ grades on all of these so my professor liked them tolerably well. My focus, personally, would be more on the late 19th and early 20th centuries but that is also the area in which I will be doing my thesis work.

Update: I made the papers into PDF format files instead of Word documents for easier reading.