Getting older...

I must be getting old or I guess I really am an adult now. Hell, my daughter turned ten recently so that’s got to be some sort of milestone. Me with a ten year old kid.

I’m sitting here listening to Nevermind by Nirvana and I realize that it has been fifteen years since it came out. Fifteen years?!?

I was just finishing community college and waiting to transfer into the University of Washington.

I remember sitting around with my BBS geek friends at a party turning up the radio when Smells Like Teen Spirit came on. Nirvana were that local band that some of us had seen live and they kicked ass and were making it in the bigtime now.

I was just barely twenty years old when Nevermind came out. I went to the record’s release party at Peaches, a record store in the University District where a computer store is now. (As it turns out, my boss of the last five years, until recently, was there too, as was my friend, John Mueller, whom I only met through Microsoft…) About 200 or so of us crowded around Nirvana as they played a little live show for the album.

After that show, I went over to Dick’s to get burgers and meet my Wiccan friend, Pat. Pat was my first real friend who was gay and he brought along a girl from his coven (he was the High Priest) with him. This girl’s name was “Chris Smith” and she would become my first wife. He wanted to introduce us since I was getting involved with his group and she lived in my part of town.

This was the same time that I was dating Pleiades, who had her first child relatively recently and whom I am still friends with… Probably the oldest friend that I still have at this point that I actually talk to occasionally.

These are all of the things that come to mind when I hear this album and I realize (what a trip!) that it was so long ago for me now and what a punk ass obnoxious kid I was and how much I loved this music.