A Barge on the Water

I visited with my friend, Catherine, this evening. She’s living on a Barge-type houseboat in Fremont right next to the Burke-Gilman trail and Adobe’s parking lot, almost under the Aurora Bridge.

It is a rather nice setup and I was instantly jealous when I saw it even though it is, effectively, a large studio apartment with a sleeping loft. It’s quiet down on the water and the view is nice an open there. It’s just this cool looking barge with a little porch out front. It isn’t like those houseboats which look like condos on floating platforms (which I hate).

While chatting, I saw a beaver swim by…which made me question my vision. When I mentioned it to Catherine, she said that it lives right around there in the shrubs and is often swimming around. It was just kind of cool to see (he came out again later and checked us out before diving away).

She made dinner for us and we chatted about my upcoming move a little and a lot about her current work in academia. Catherine is the person who is responsible for me getting my first job at Microsoft so it seems quite appropriate that I saw her today of all days. She worked in MSN when I was there the first time (as a contractor) and later worked on Windows before she retired from the company and went on to other things.

Catherine and I went to college together with a number of other people that we still know, like my friends Dana and Richard, and my arch-nemesis, John Michael Greer. A number of us still stay in contact. I’ve generally had Thanksgiving at Catherine’s place for the last few years.

In any case, the group from college seems to be further dispersing. I’m not looking forward to saying “good bye” to many of my old friends.