It's Official...California here I come!

Some of my friends have known details as things have progressed but I don’t talk about my work much here.

I gave my two weeks notice today at Micorosoft. My last day at the mothership is May 12. This was a major surprise to some people, for which I apologize, but arranging new work, the selling of a house, and an interstate move is a major hassle and needs to be handled deftly. I did interview with Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus (with Hotmail) but the job wasn’t a good fit and then I felt a bit burned about how the team handled communication with me (or the complete lack of communication, I should say…).

On June 12, I will start working at MobiTV in Emeryville, California. I will be a QA Lead reporting to the test manager there. MobiTV does television and radio in realtime on cell phones. They seem like a really good group, energetic, and I’ve been convinced for a while that cell phones were a major platform to work on if at all possible. They made it clear that they wanted me and I got a good feeling from my interaction with them and my interviews.

I’ve worked at Microsoft for nearly nine years (it would be nine years next month). Most of this has been on Internet Explorer or related Internet products. MobiTV seems to be an almost entirely open source shop so it will be quite a change.

R and I decided it was time for a change and she’s from Berkeley and would like to spend more time with family. She’s live in Seattle since college. I’ve lived here all of my adult life and was born up on Capitol Hill. I’m looking forward to a different environment, new opportunities and meeting new people.

We’re going to try to find an apartment initially, probably in Emeryville, Berkeley, Albany or maybe Oakland. There is the possibility of renting a small house as well.

Between May 12 and the end of the month, we are going to work on getting our house sold and I also need to go to Wyoming for a week to take care of part of my father’s estate and to bury his ashes on Memorial Day. I have a bunch of vacation (three weeks) saved up so it will work out pretty even financially.