Yearning for Freedom

A quote from B. Alan Wallace for the evening.

Every single sentient being wishes to be happy and free of suffering. By no means does Buddhism say this is wrong; rather, this is where we start from. The very root of this yearning for happiness, this yearning to be free of suffering, is the fundamental expression of the buddha-nature. If for the time being we turn our gaze away from the myriad ways that we can stray from the agenda -- trying to find happiness by buying a more luxurious car, or a bigger house, or getting a better job -- and just come back to the primary desire of wishing to be happy, we find at the very source of our yearning for happiness the buddha-nature wanting to realize itself. It's like a seed that wants to spring into the sunlight. Sometimes it gets terribly contorted, when we want to injure somebody else for the sake of our own happiness, but the fundamental yearning is something to be embraced.

– from “The Four Immeasurables: Cultivating a Boundless Heart” by B. Alan Wallace