Almost Done...

I have crafted my “Goodbye” post for the Internet Explorer blog (the IEBlog) and tomorrow is my last day at Microsoft. I have my exit interview in the mid-afternoon and I plan to leave after that (besides, they take my badge and parking pass then…).

It will be weird not to be working at Microsoft after nearly nine years on the job. I’ve put a lot of myself in working there but I’ve also had my moments of difference. My background before then was working as a Webmaster at Sprynet and we ran an entirely unix-based (mostly open source) based shop. My new work will be in that space again and it will be interesting to see what it is like ten years later.

My next week will be spent packing and working on the house for preparation to sell it. After this, I am off for a weekend visit to Portland, Oregon and then a week in Wyoming to bury my father’s ashes on Memorial Day and to tidy up stuff to do with his estate and properties there. I have to clean out a storefront that he owned where he had an apartment for five years until he became ill and temporarily moved to Denver for treatment. It is full of his personal stuff and I need to go through it and all of his other accumulated goods (he liked to collect stuff from ebay) in order to sell the property and preserve his personal keepsakes.

After this, I come back on May 30 and will be in Seattle for a couple of days. On June 1, I plan to drive to California with my car and personal stuff and put things in my temporary apartment. I’ll then do a quick roundtrip back to Seattle by plane to collect my cats and R will drive down with her vehicle. After June 3, I don’t expect that either of us will be in Seattle anymore.

I start my new job on June 12.