House Cooling Party

R and I had our “House Cooling” party last night from about 3:00 PM until I made people leave around midnight (because I was tired).

We probably had twenty friends or so (not counting kids) come through. We yakked, fired up the BBQ, drank quite a bit and generally carried on like your normal summer social occasion. The weather was sunny and perfect so we were table to hang out on our rarely used deck until it got cold after dark.

We managed to give away some of the possessions that we no longer wanted, drink much of the alcohol in the house, and received a few gifts. For many of our local friends, this may be the last time they see us for a while.

R is going to go clubbing at The Vogue tonight with friends but I’ll probably be home. Sarastro came by earlier and grabbed the old lodge library from our Aurum Solis group that used to meet at my house. I’ve been storing these books, in some manner or other, for about seven years. I gave him a few other things while he was here.

Leaving our local friends behind is the hardest part of the move. Between saying “Good Bye” to coworkers that I actually like that I’ve known for years and years and saying the same to longterm friends and former lovers, it feels like we’re leaving the world behind. For R, I’m sure it is strange but she is going back to where she grew up. For me, I have a handful of Bay Area friends from being omnipresent in certain discussion groups and e-lists for the last fifteen years, but very few of them are close friends at all. We’ll see how many new friends I make and how many existing ones we become close to…it is a daunting process.

We’re both officially unemployed now so this week is packing up the house for moving and its sale. This coming Saturday, we’ll be in Portland, Oregon visiting with the local OTO and other friends. On Sunday, we’ll be back so I can fly to Wyoming early Monday morning (May 22). I’ll be back on May 30 after burying my father’s ashes and working on his property there. During the end of that week, I’ll drive to California and then move my cats.

Once we do these things, we’ll be gone. Hopefully, the house will sell easily. I’ll still be in Seattle on occasion since my ten year old daughter, Madeline, lives here, along with my maternal grandparents but I expect it won’t be all the time…