Things To Do This Week

I have to get a bunch of things done this week on my “time off” from work.

Main things:

  1. Pack up 4,000 book library
    • Give away a lot of science fiction paperbacks
  2. Pack up clothing and sundry other items (much smaller than #1)
  3. Do work on exterior of the house to prep for sale
  4. Make reservations to fly on June 2 or 3 with two housecats
  5. Keep current with my single class for the school term
  6. Maintain practice schedule for Buddhist work

In addition to this, I am meeting with friends during the week for last hurrahs.

  1. Monday evening - Richard
  2. Tuesday evening - Rubylou
  3. Wednesday evening - Manaman
  4. Thursday evening - ?? Maybe John Mueller

Saturday morning/afternoon, we drive to Portland to spend the night with friends.

Sunday, drive home and do more packing as well as pack for Wyoming.

Monday the 22nd, fly to Wyoming.