Esotericism Conference

I will be attending the second conference run by the Association for the Study of Esotericism from June 8 through 11 at the University of California, Davis. The mission statement for the association is online but it is an academic organization focusing on Western Esotericism, which is the area in which I will be writing my thesis for my MA.

The schedule for the conference is up as well at I plan to attend the Friday sessions on “Issues in Pre-Modern Esotericism” and probably “Sources and Renewals in Contemporary Esotericism.” The rest of Friday isn’t clear. On Saturday, I plan to attend “Theurgy and Christian Cabbalah,” “Alchemy,” “Esoteric Figures and Movements: 19th and Early 20th Centuries” and “Importing the East into Western Esotericism.” On Sunday, I will definitely be attending Claire’s sesion on methodology as well, since this is an issue close and dear to my heart.

If anyone else that I know is attending the conference, drop me a line. I know some of my online correspondents will be there.