Pressure Washing Fun and Books

Since we have been having record heat the last few days, I decided it was a good time to do the pressure washing I wanted to do on the outside of the house. I have some touch-up painting to do and the cleaning is necessary for it (but it has to dry, which is hard in this climate).

I did that this morning along with watering the dirt where we are trying to grow grass (the ex-hole for the outdoor swimming pool, now filled in).

None of this is terribly exciting though, is it? :-)

On a positive note, I finished Kim Stanley Robinson’s Fifty Degress Below, the sequel to his Forty Signs of Rain, last night. I’ve started reading Robert Metzger’s Cusp, which I have had for a year but never gotten around to reading. As a side effect of packing my library up, I’ve needed to decide what books I will need over the next month or so. This includes a bit of air travel as well as driving down to California. I wouldn’t want to be cut short.

I’ve selected Cusp, then Ian McDonald’s River of Gods, the last two (which were really one book) of Peter Watt’s Behemoth books. I also have my Rousseau for school and a few books on Japanese Buddhism. That ought to be enough.

I’ve also put Windows XP back on my Dell laptop. I had tried Kubuntu for a while but I wasn’t grooving on it. Since my primary home computer is one of the new duo core Mac Minis, I think I’m working on unusual (for me) operating systems enough at the moment. I must say that I really am enjoying the Mac Mini but I’m missing some of my favorite programs. I need recommendations for the essential programs that one really needs to have and I want them to be universal binary. It is bad enough that Office runs as a Power PC program and must be translated (which slows it down).