Any rock as long as it is classic rock

It seems like you can get three things on the radio here:

  1. Bible Preachin'
  2. Country Music
  3. Classic Rock

Needless to say, while driving, I’m opting for option #3. Luckily, my dad left computer speakers behind in his old place. While I’m cleaning, I can plug my Ipod in and listen to Industrial music or my podcasts.

My grandfather and his wife made it into town last night so I wound up pulled over to his brother’s massive house outside of town. I hadn’t been there before this. I was stuck there much of the evening but met a number of my cousins that I hadn’t seen since the family reunion in 1990.

This morning, my cousin Eddie (who was actually my dad’s cousin) and I drove down to Newcastle, about 30 miles away, to try to retrieve my dad’s 91 Dodge Stealth that the town helpfully towed last week. The owner of the yard was out so we couldn’t get it and the flunky there didn’t know the bill.

We came back and I drove the two house to Rapid City, South Dakota. My dad’s 124 lb. plaque for his grave was waiting there. I went through Sturgis on the way there and back, which was new. The plaque now resides in my car’s trunk until Monday. It is a hefty piece of granite. Between this and trying to get the car, six hours or so of my day disappeared. My cousin’s birthday is today as well so I am expected over for dinner.

By this weekend, my aunt, who lives near Seattle, and her two daughters and other family should be here. Beyond that, I’m still working on cleaning up my dad’s space and tracking down other paperwork locally.