More of the same...

Last night, I spent the evening with my dad’s family (my dad’s uncle who owns a big house here, his kids and grandkids, and my grandfather). It was the birthday of my dad’s cousin.

I got to here my great-uncle Ray, as he watched Fox News and Oreilly, use the ‘Nigger’ word multiple times. After that, let’s just say that he and I had a political conversation while his wife, my great-aunt Bertha, yelled at us to shut up about politics. These guys are right wing whackos.

This morning, I walked into the family restaurant, where I’ve been eating, to find him eating breakfast and we had a further political conversation.

He means well and he’s got to be about 70 years old but I really have to bite my tongue. Others here aren’t quite as bigoted but in a normal situation, I would have had much stronger words and walked out.

Today, his granddaughter (my second cousin) and her husband stopped by the store about the same time uncle Ray and my grandfather Lou showed up. None of them had been inside the place in a decade. They looked around and my cousin and I got to speak privately. I’d been told that she was interested and she is. She’s already spoken to a banker and I told her what I wanted for the place (my dad’s minimum price). She said that she would buy it for that (damn, should have asked for more!).

I spoke to my lawyer earlier in the week and when I exit probate in Colorado for my dad’s estate at the end of June, we’ll be able to file additional papers which can then be sent to Wyoming, which is a bit behind the times legally. At that point, in July or so, I can sell the properties that my dad owned. I have never sold a property without an agent but I expect that I’ll do so to my cousin for this place.

This is a bit of a relief as the other places are houses and I have renters in them managed by a realty company so they are being taken care of. I was afraid, given the lack of economy in this 870 person town, that I might be stuck with the store forever. My cousin wants to open a second hand business so she needs the space.

This is my last Internet access until Tuesday (the library is closed this weekend). See you!