At the Airport

It turns out that the little airport in Gillette, Wyoming has wifi for free (unlike the pay wifi in most).

I’m waiting to get on my flight to get home right now. I should be back in Seattle around 10:00 PM tonight.

The last couple of days have been interesting. My father’s sister and her daughters showed up in town early Sunday morning. These are the closest cousins that I have in the family and they live in the Seattle area. They brought my dad’s half-sister, Deborah, who used to watch me as a child as she was my dad’s ward for a decade after their mom died in the 70’s. I hadn’t seen Deborah since we were kids (she’s about five years older than me). One of my cousins is finishing up her Master’s in Social Work and has a Bachelor’s in Social Work already. The other is finishing up her undergrad degree. The former was even more appalled by the political rhetoric floating around than I was and my aunts and cousins pointed out the male-focused attitudes of much of our family as well. We got to hang out Sunday night at another cousin’s place, have drinks, and otherwise relax. It was nice after being there for the week.

On Memorial Day, we drove down to the town of Newcastle where most of our kin are buried. We put the plaque on the grave that I had gone to South Dakota to get for my dad. The family stood around, we shared some memories of my onery cuss of a father, had a laugh or two and then we all went back to my great-uncle’s place for food.

One of my cousins out there helped me retrieve my dad’s 91 Dodge Stealth Turbo that had been towed a week ago and he’s going to be buying it from me. We have to figure out how well it runs. Another cousin and her husband have already gotten verbal approval from the bank for a loan to buy the storefront that my dad owned in town so I wrote up an agreement for us (at their request) for the price, etc. and we had it notarized this morning. So, within the next two months, I should have that place sold off, which will be a big relief to me.

I actually had a good time hanging out with my cousins from Washington. I haven’t seen them much this last decade so it was good to connect with them as adults in our 30’s. I also got their mom, my dad’s closest sister, to explain certain things in my dad’s history that I was fuzzy about.

It will be good to be home. R and I are leaving on Thursday or Friday for the 13 hour drive to California. We had an open house this weekend for our home so it is on the market now. I’m looking forward to things being calmer soon…