California Tomorrow

I made it back last night to Seattle. I got in just before 10:00 PM. Today was spent taking the cats to the vet, running last errands, and seeing my daughter.

I met with Scott, my friend and ex-boss, for a last coffee this evening. He works on two different coasts so he wasn’t around in person when I quit Microsoft. Scott and I worked together for five years through a couple of versions of MSN Explorer, the DLUX team on Windows Shell, and then IE. We share some similar tastes in comics and such. We had an interesting chat and I especially liked the analogies he made between Microsoft and how “Roman” it can be (in a sort of literal sense of how Microsoft handles certain ways of doing things…).

Tomorrow morning, I will be making the thirteen hour drive to San Francisco. I expect to be at my in-laws’ place by tomorrow night (with cats). On Friday, I take possession of the temporary apartment that was made available by my new job.