World Ground

We are now in our apartment in Jackson Square in Oakland. (Well, R will be here in the next hour but I am there with our stuff and the cats…).

I’m actually at the World Ground Cafe, which is half a block from my front door and offers free wifi. As soon as I walked in, the barista recognized my old !Tchkung! shirt (from the little logo on the front even) and we talked about music. She directed to a party that she is helping run this next week (she owns and the associated music label). It is a 6-6-6 party given the date. I’ve been expecting a few events given the obvious associations.

Unfortunately, R and I are going to be at Jamie Zawinsky’s DNA Lounge on Tuesday at the same time to see Front Line Assembly play. FLA was the first Industrial band that I ever got really into when I was in college for my undergrad years. Between them and Ministry, things were never the same after that. I never saw them play live and the duo that formed the band back then are back together again (after a multiyear separation) so R and I have planned to go since we figured out the move dates.

There is an OTO event in Marin on Sunday that I’m considering going to as well. Otherwise, our main priority is to find an apartment as soon as possible. Our temporary place is nice but it is still more like a hotel room than an apartment. We want to find an actual home.

Next weekend, I will be in Davis at the second conference run by the Association for the Study of Esotericism. I may or may not go Thursday evening but I plan on being there Friday through Sunday. Monday will then be my first day at MobiTV.

Anyone in the Bay Area that I know should feel free to call or e-mail me. I am free during the day during the week and I (or R and I) would love to see people.