Looking for Apartments

R and I have settled into our apartment in Jack London Square in Oakland. It is a bit bland and I had to argue with the high speed Internet guys to get the network up but things are working now.

Yesterday, we went and looked at several places. At least one of which we could have probably had immediately. Instead, we applied for this one:


Super Charming 3+Bedroom 2907 Martin Luther King, Jr Way @ Russell, Berkeley $1,795 Per Month

There are pictures on the page. We went during an open house so a lot of people were looking at it but we filled out an application and putting a holding fee in. We are really hoping to get this place.

Other than that, I’m needing to get back to school work as I’m a week behind in my reading for my class. This weekend is the academic conference in Davis and then I start work at my new job on Monday.