We have a home!

I’ve been busy with my new job and my first paper of the term this week (a bad combination). I was feeling down that we hadn’t found a home yet but the second one we’ve applied for worked out today. It isn’t perfect as the neighborhood could be better but it is pretty good.

It is in West Oakland, about a mile and a half north of Jack London Square. It’s a block and a half from the West Oakland BART station. The building is compsed of three loft style spaces though the building was designed from scratch by an architect named “Tom Dolan.”

We have gated access, a small garden area in front, and one parking spot within the gate. It is a loft style space but it is upstairs from the main entrance and the downstairs has two bedrooms so we get the best of both worlds in a way. I’ve really wanted a large open space like this but R and I were concerned about the lack of privacy or ability to be alone. This solves that problem. The entire space is roughly 2,000 square feet so it is as huge as it looks:

From the middle of front room of the main loft space, facing towards the stairs out and the kitchen area

The back room of the main loft space facing towards the front