My New Job

I am on the third day of my new job. I’ve been assigned two main projects, which I won’t discuss beyond a certain level here. One is a backend, server focused project and the other one is client focused. I am the primary tester on both (or I will be soon…). The backend project is iterative (it is version three) and the client one is fairly new.

I’m not too concerned about testing the client one well. I am sure that there will be challenges but it is the kind of testing that I’ve done for most of a decade. The server project is more of a challenge. It’s a unix-based environment, which I’ve only used as a hobbyist for the last nine years for my personal web work, and the effects of screwing it up would be massive. The overall system seems very complex and I’m still wrapping my head around it. I doubt that I am going to have the time that I’d like to get comfortable with things. On the plus note, I did notice that, for once, the QA group does not seem completely stressed out most of the time and people seem to be working in a sane manner. This is a good thing and a sign that things are not too terribly insane.

Needless to say, the project makes me anxious but I expected that starting at a new company for the first time in nine years that I would be well outside my comfort zone. In six months, I’ll either be a unix and scripting expert or I’ll be dead. This is dramatically different than the work that I was doing immediately before I left Microsoft since I was managing the IEBlog and the new public bug database there (which I was not supposed to call “Borgzilla” in public).

We’ll see how things go but I probably won’t be discussing my day to day work much here.

On a plus note, my commute is roughly ten minutes each way. This is from Oakland to Emeryville. The freeways are a lot more efficient here and they pretty much cut through Oakland and Emeryville in a couple of different directions. With the new loft, it might even shorten by a minute or two (depending on how well the onramp works). A twenty minute a day commute is much better than the seventy five or eighty minute commute (sometimes ninety) that I had before with my round trip.