R and I went to San Francisco’s Japantown this weekend. I didn’t even realize that it existed before I saw a reference to it online while looking for Japanese stores. I wanted to find a couple of things for my altar and figured a Japanese store might be useful. R had, of course, been to Japantown (or “Jtown,” I guess) when she was younger.

The center of Japantown is a linked series of three small malls with a plaza inbetween them. There is a concrete, five story pagoda (which is pretty damn ugly when you look at it closely) that is the signature landmark.

We wandered the shops for a while and I now know where to get the good anime and toys. We also went through a very large antique furniture store that was full of beautiful pieces. I’ve always loved Japanese woodworking skills and a lot of the work was exquisite. We’ll probably go back down there to get some items of furniture once we are in the new place (not at the antique store though).

We finished off the trip with a less than satisfactory lunch at a Japanese BBQ place. The food just wasn’t very good. All in all, a quiet day for us.