Meeting Up with Friends

My friend, Steve, aka “Teh Hotcrab,” had his 31st birthday party last night in the City (that’s “San Francisco” for you non-Californians). We went to a Japanese whiskey bar called “Nihon’s” in Soma. It was a cool place which served thirty or fifty different kinds of whiskey (though I had a “Bell View,” which was a vodka cocktail). Steve reserved the room upstairs, which was supposed to hold thirty people but we were all pretty skeptical of that. It was good to see Steve since I haven’t seen him in the flesh in at least two years. We chat on IM every so often but he moved from Seattle a while back and I hadn’t really gotten around to seeing him before he left or on his occasional trips up. Steve works over at Macromedia…I mean Adobe… so I got to meet quite a few of his coworker friends as well as the San Francisco hipster crowd. I even got to talk shop with a few people.

On Wednesday, I also met with my friend, Mark, for the first time on our own since we moved here. Mark and I met at Pantheacon back in 2001 through mutual friends right after he moved to the Bay Area. He’s working as an applied anthropologist (he has the PhD and everything!) within the corporate world. If I would have actually made it to Anthropology graduate school as I had planned when I originally left college, I could very easily have wound up doing similar sort of work. It was interesting to hear about it and meet up.

So far, we haven’t spent much time with too many people down here. Between temporary housing, new jobs, and various tasks (along with my schoolwork), there just hasn’t been much time. Hopefully that will change soon.

Tomorrow, we move into our new loft space and our stuff arrives on Monday…