Burning Man 2006

I am going to Burning Man this year. It has been five years since I last went. Wow.

I’ll be going Wednesday through Sunday, skipping Monday and Tuesday, because I don’t have much time off in the new QA job.

I’ll be camping with a camp named “Groovig,” populated by friends and acquaintances with the ringleaders being people that were in the 2001 camp with me. We are, I kid you not, apparently part of a larger camp called “Vanilla Pod.” I am told there is a story here but I’ll find out on the playa.

I’m not sure how I’m going to get out there. My boss is going to Burning Man and his wife is going out mid-week but it sounds like she’s going out on Thursday. Otherwise, I’d probably catch a ride with her. I always swore that I would never take my car to the playa but I may not have a choice.

If anyone knows of a source for a ride from the Bay Area to arrive early to midday Wednesaday, let me know.

If only I had time to build that EEG rig linked to a flamethrower that I wanted to do. Ah well.