Fire Arts Festival

R and I went to the Fire Arts Festival put on by the Crucible last night. We met up with my recent friend, Autumn, and her husband. The event was quite a bit of fun. Lots of fire, lots of Burning Man derived or related art.

The highlight of the evening for us was watching Dance, Dance Immolation. DDI is a take on Dance, Dance Revolution with the addition of flame proof bunny suits and flamethrowers. When a player makes too many mistakes or the MC feels so inclined, they get a flamethrower blast in the face. Lots of fun for the whole family! Here are a few pictures from my set on Flickr. We weren’t supposed to take photos so I left my real camera at home. The rule turned out to be completely unenforced with many people taking photos so I did a few with my camera on my phone. I apologize for quality issues.

IMAGE 00017 Flower tower...we climbed up inside of this...

IMAGE 00030

IMAGE 00032

IMAGE 00014

IMAGE 00012

IMAGE 00011

IMAGE 00009