Thesis Work

I may not get to start my thesis this fall as I had planned. It turns out that the deadline for Advancement to Candidacy, an official necesary step to begin thesis work, was May 1st. Well, shit.

It is my own fault getting preoccupied with quitting Microsoft, moving to the Bay Area, visiting Wyoming to take care of my dad’s estate (and remains), etc. Actually, those all sound like good excuses but I should have been paying attention.

I did all of the paperwork tonight, including two short essays, and will be mailing it tomorrow. Theoretically, the gods could smile on me and they could approve the paperwork quickly. If so, if I turn in my proposal for my thesis soon (like this week as well), I could still begin work.

I can write my thesis in one term since our semesters are 15 weeks long and I’ve already written more than 80 pages in a term (that was Spring term this year). My thesis will be roughly 60 pages long and I have all of the source material at hand since I’m working within Western Esotericism. Of course, nothing goes quickly and even if I start this fall, I have a feeling that getting my readers to read the thesis and give feedback will take long enough that I won’t graduate by next Summer. Everything seems to be one of these “do it and then wait two months” processes. It all feels very slow.

I started my MA in January of 2005 and my goal was to do it in two years, which isn’t going to happen. After this, I have to figure out if I want to go for my PhD or maybe do a secondary MA in Buddhist Studies. We’ll see. Luckily, my new work has tuition benefit as well.

(Oh, on that note, I’ve being continually screwed over by Microsoft’s vendor… I’ve submitted my paperwork three (!) times for my last term that was finished before I quit. Each time, I wait a few weeks and then call and they have no record of my submission ever arriving. I guess that once you quit the company, they realize that there isn’t much you can do about it if you don’t like it.)