Burning Man and Friends

The camp that I am with for Burning Man will be camping in open space near our previous campmates due to requirements that the overall camp had placed on membership. There simply wasn’t room for the group of us without causing issues.

Earlier today, I had an offer of space in another camp if necessary but I don’t think it will come to that. I did talk to Sophia, who is a friend of friends here in the Bay Area, and I will be participating in some ritual activities that her camp and campmates are organizing. I volunteered to help her with a Saraswati Puja that she is doing on one of the days and I will be available for other activities.

It is good to finally begin meeting more people. R and I have known a few people in the Bay Area for years and she has a few old high school friends but, overall, most people seem fairly busy with their own lives. Out of the existing friends and acquaintances that we have, I’ve met with a total of one in the last month and a half. Everyone else either has no time or promises to get back to me and never does so. I try not to feel slighted because I know what it is like to have a lot going on (and I do as well) but it is a bit frustrating at times.

R and I need to get out a bit more. Now that we’ve decided to join the local school, we will probably meet a few people in that and possibly whatever group we wind up sitting with on a regular basis. I need to track down a Zen school in the area and try sitting with them. R and I also plan on visiting the local Shambhala Center on one of their open nights sometime soon. I need to get in the habit of getting out at least once a week to sit along with practice at home. Unlike Seattle, the Berkeley Shambhala people have an open sitting session on every weekday night so it is pretty easy to go.

On another note, my friend, Nathan, from Seattle (and Colorado) will be arriving on the train on Thursday. It turns out that he’s arriving at the station about two blocks from my work so I may arrange to meet him depending on when the train arrives. Nathan has taken a sysadmin job in the area and it will be cool to have him around. For those that don’t know, Nathan is the one that gave me a place to stay and came with me to help when my father died and I had to fly into Colorado and drive up to Cheyenne to deal with all of it. He was a great help and I really appreciated it.