My Thesis Question

I had a bit of inspiration while pondering my thesis question and my dissatisfaction with my old (current) one, especially now that I have to turn it in with paperwork in order to do it.

While thinking about Buddhist work and looking through some articles on Buddhist religious studies, I was struck by the phrase, “Self-Cultivation.” This is often seen in discussions of some aspects of Buddhism.

I started thinking, “Hmm…well, the cultivation of higher Qabalistic states, Tipheretic consciousness, etc. is pretty much along the lines of self-cultivation… the task of the adept uniting with the higher self (or selves) and so on…” The little light went on.

Here is something that would allow me to talk about both the religious aspects of 19th and 20th century Golden Dawn-derived esotericism, use the daily work and curriculums studied, and discuss the role of this path as a religious or spiritual tradition unto itself.

So, I am going to focus on Self-Cultivation.

The question to be answered is, “What is the role or place of the self-cultivation or development within Golden Dawn-derived Western Esotericism”

This will allow me to discuss both theory and praxis within the tradition.