New Dharma Center

R and I found another local Dharma Center to check out. It is the “New Dharma Community” at

They are a progressive, activist diverse center trying to encourage people of all backgrounds, especially non-caucasians, to come to the Dharma. Even though I work in Emeryville, they are practically spitting distance from my workplace.

They have a FAQ online and seem to meet quite often. I am drawn to working with a more diverse crowd of practitioners than the typical Boomer-era WASPs that seem to populate most Dharma groups. Part of why we checked out the Bay Area Young Adult Sangha (BAYAS) was because I’ve been to too many groups where I am the youngest person in the room by a good 15 or 20 years (and I’m 35 this summer). I want to sit with people my own age or even younger as well as with older people. Unfortunately, BAYAS meets on Wednesdays, the same time as our Aikido class. Now that we live in Oakland, I’m trying to embrace a bit more of the local diversity that is here. Seattle is hardly an all white town but the Bay Area is definitely a lot more diverse and it is a nice change.