Evening Alone

The missus is off in Las Vegas with my mom. I’m hoping that I don’t get a call to bail people out of jail…

I spent the early evening getting tacos in Alameda and looking at some books that arrived. My copy of “Pure Heart Enlightened Mind: The Zen Journal and Letters of Maura ‘Soshin’ O’Halloran” arrived this evening. This was recommended to me highly by my friend, Rubylou. It is the transcripts of Maura O’Halloran’s journals in the period leading up to being made a Roshi in Japan. Six months after that event, she was killed in a bus accident in Thailand. This was in 1982. A statue was erected to her at the monastery she trained within in northern Japan and she was revered as a saint of sorts locally (it seems).

On another note, materials from the Graduate Theological Union arrived today. I asked them for information on their doctoral program for consideration after I receive my PhD. I’ve had at least one friend graduate from the program (maybe two) and they come highly recommended.