Fellow Travelers

I just got back from having chicken and waffles with Sean (http://www.seanomlor.com). Sean works swing shift about two miles from my place so we agreed to meet a little bit after 11:00 PM, when he got off from work.

Sean is an artist and a fellow traveler of sorts. We met through Zaadz, the socail networking site. Zaadz is kind of “Tribe meets the Integral Institute” space. I copy much of my blog content there and it forms its own closed (or not so closed) community of generally spiritually interested folks.

Sean gave me a point earlier today to the Sixth Patriarch Zen Center, a Korean zen center in Berkeley. I’ve been looking for a group to sit with once a week though R and I still need to visit the New Dharma Center that I wrote about last week. Sean also mentioned the Yoga Mandala Studio as a good place to practice (though not for Buddhism specifically).

It was a good chat for about an hour and a half. We’ll have to get together again soon. Since it is late and I have to be at work within the next eight hours, I’m going to bed now.