Emergency Room...for cats!

I noticed that Pollux, my 15 year old blind tomcat, had a scab on his foot the other day. I watched it over the next few days and it looked worse. Yesterday, it looked like an oozing open wound and, when I sniffed it, it smelled bad. Not a good sign.

So I dropped my other plans for the day to take him to the ER. I was on my way to lunch with my friend, Nathan, when I noticed and he was already on his way there so I did make my lunch. At lunch, Nathan volunteered to go with me to see Pollux treated. The local animal hospital, whom I called, didn’t had an actual vet on Saturday and said that I should take him to the animal emergency room in San Leandro, since the wound had clearly gone bad.

We went there and arrived about 1:45 PM. Around 3:45, they let us into an examination room and took a couple of basic measurements (weight, etc). At 4:30, a fellow came in and said that the vet could probably see us in half an hour but they were triaging incoming cases and it would be another few hours until someone saw Pollux since it wasn’t that bad of an injury. They finally suggested that the Berkeley clinic had a waiting time of only half an hour and I could go there with a refund of what I’d already paid. Nathan and I decided to do this.

When we got there, the assistant vet examined Pollux immediately and found that, actually, the wound went all of the way through his foot (well, the flesh between his toes) and was…full of pus (she found this the hard way). They wound up seeing us within twenty minutes, cleaned his wound without any need to sedate him (he’s such a good cat) and gave me antibiotics for him and an external medicine. Their best guess was that the other cat had bitten him and that it had festered… Youch.

On a plus note, they had another animal emergency when they were treating him and Pollux freaked out (because he’s blind and gets a bit nervous). This meant he peed all over the vet. The vet didn’t seem too upset with him and took it in stride. heh.

So, the lesson of this is go to the Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital if your pet needs help, not San Leandro. The whole process took about six hours…