So, my term ends the Friday after this next one. That’s when I thought my last paper was due (which it normally has been for previous classes). Instead, I found out last night that it was due this Friday when I looked at my paperwork… oops.

It is going to be late no matter what but I’m going to have to work this week and this weekend on it. I doubt if I’ll be penalized if I don’t turn it in on the last day. I still have 280 pages of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s autibiography to finish as well.

Oh, and neither of the two topics thrill me since I basically wrote my last paper on one of them (about the totalitarian possibilities of Rousseau’s political philosophy) without knowing it at the time. My other choice is to write two short papers together on two of the topics that I didn’t write on before. The total should be ten pages (which means twelve for me, normally).

At work I’m doing a first (and only) test pass for a big project too so I’m busy all the way around. I can console myself that this is my last class in the program. Even if I fubar’d the paper, I’d probably still get at least a ‘B’ grade in the class and my GPA is a 4.0 so far in the program. This won’t break me.

On another note, I turned in all of my paperwork for my thesis proposal last week. As I have mentioned, it was due a while ago, which I missed because of the move. Speaking to the office staff, they told me to get it in anyway and that I had a good chance of getting it approved in time. If that happens, I’ll graduate by June 1, 2007, unless I get off track. I hope to have my thesis written or at least a draft finished by the new year.