Burning Man Countdown

I had dinner over in San Francisco with my recent friend, Veleda. This was the first time we’d met in person though we have mutual friends and had been speaking online for a while.

I managed to get lost going over to her place since I still don’t know the actual city of San Francisco that well, spending most of my time in Oakland, Emeryville, and Berkeley (and, actually, I have ever since I started visiting the Bay Area years ago). Eventually, I found it and we had a late dinner along with a good three or so hour chat.

Veleda is the organizer of the Temple of All Gods, a Burning Man group that mixes the normal freak Burner contingent with the Neopagans, hermeticists, chaotes, yogis, babalawos, satanists, and *fill it in * oddball spiritual practitioners. Apparently, they’ll take ex-Neopagan esoteric Buddhists as well. I’ll be bringing my Buddhist altar equipment and doing some ritual while I’m at Burning Man.

Note to All Thievin’ Bastards: Stealing statues of the Buddha will earn you an ass kicking from the Dharmapalas. You have been warned. The group is smaller than was previously planned for this year due to unforseen events but is reving into higher gear at the last minute.

My own Burning Man situation has been up and down over the last month. I’d been planning on camping with friends from Seattle but they have separated from the larger camp, Groovig, that they had been a part of because of issues with Groovig limiting its membership and my friends having been unaware of this before now.

I’m volunteering to help with some of the ritual work that TAG is doing and at least one Seattle friend of mine has just moved to the Bay Area and looks to be camping with TAG as well (unbeknownst to me, he hung out with them last year). Because they are doing stuff that I plan on being involved in, existing friends are going to be there, new friends are going to be there, and they are attached to a larger, well-established camp (the Mad Scientists) this year, it made sense to go ahead and just plan to camp with TAG. I’ll still get to see all of my friends but I’ll be much closer to the activities that I plan on being involved in and be able to be much more spontaneously involved with what’s going on. Given the people, I expect there to be a certain amount of random fun and craziness.

On another note, Palenque Norte has put up their schedule for Burning Man this year. This is something I’ve missed out on before though I’ve heard recordings of lectures done there over the last few years. I plan on going a bit on Friday to hear Dale Pendel discuss “Horizon Anarchism” and hear Alex Grey and Erik Davis. I have books by Pendel and Davis (who is a friend of friends, as it turns out) and I’ve wanted to meet them and hear them speak before. The Shulgins will be there on Saturday and would be cool to hear as well.

If people know about other cool events or groups at Burning Man this year, please feel free to let me know.