R and I are continuing in our Aikido. So far, it is going fairly well if ‘feeling like a fool’ is well. heh.

As one of the senior students said on the first class, “Aikido is simple but it isn’t easy.” There is a lot of very subtle things to do with body movement, both yours and your partner’s since work is done in pairs, and the physical interaction between people.

I like the teacher, who is super against hierarchy and similar things. I found out on Sunday from one of senior students (or is it junion instructor at that point?) who is a black belt that once people there receive their dan rank, there are no more ranks within that. You just keep learning. It all appeals to me and the instructor’s reading list, along with books on Aikido, includes Hakim Bey and Daniel Quinn.

I’m feeling pretty clumsy and fumbling in the class but I’m hypersensitive to situations where I don’t feel like I know what I am doing and you can’t “fake it ‘til you make it” in Aikido. I’m probably in quite a different headspace than R because I did Aikido for a year or so in high school and then did another Japanese striking art for two years (two and a half?) in my early twenties. I quite around the time Madeline was born when I really started to get out of shape from a combination of aging, desk job, marriage and not exercising enough.

I expect that we’ll keep going as it is good to do this and I know that I will enjoy it more over time. Right now, I just make sure to drag myself to the two or so hours of class…

On a side note, I jammed the shit out of my thumb this evening so we’ll see if I can use the mouse tomorrow.