Five Pieces of Advice

This was passed on to me by an acquaintance of mine today.

Five Pieces of Advice from Pema Chodron

Life seems so unformed these days, and the future so uncertain and inevitable (as indeed it is), that sane, simple, broad advice is helpful.

  1. The mundane details of our life eat us up. Therefore it is important to keep asking ourselves again and again: What is the most important thing? Since death is certain and the time of death is uncertain, what is the most important thing? Let that perspective be your guide.

  2. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. At the gut level, you might want to go for the most comfortable thing. Always go for the stretch. Sometimes the stretch is to stay, sometimes to go. Sometimes to say Yes, sometimes to say, No. You don’t always know. The key is to be willing to go through the shedding and unmasking process.

  3. Rest in the insecurity. Remember that when we lose ground we habitually panic and look for something solid to hold onto: that’s a description of samsara. Go at your own pace. And don’t push it. But continue to train in resting in insecurity.

  4. Don’t believe everything you think. If you can follow this advice, you will be in good shape.

  5. Take exactly what appears as your path.