Thoughts for the Evening


We’re back from Aikido for the evening. I feel completely thrashed. The scary thing is that, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t that harsh of a workout (or workover). I did a lot more rolling and falling than previous weeks. I think I’m doing pretty well at it but a few of them were roughly done and my body is letting me know it.

It’s a relatively low key group and people are pretty helpful. I’m learning to identify which of the people are more and less helpful. I try to work with anyone that I can but some definitely seem to be more into it than others since I’m still the FNG* and tripping over myself half the time. Sometimes I feel sorry for the blackbelts who spend their time working mostly with newbies moreso than each other but I suppose that it is by teaching us that they learn important things as well.

In other areas, I’m still waiting to hear back about my thesis work. My hoped for mentor will not be allowed to supervise my thesis as his degree is in the wrong discipline (or he’s classed as such). They are looking for a replacement but the gears of the university turn slowly.

I’m finally getting around to reading Ian McDonald’s River of Gods, which is just shameful considering that I bought the British edition since it came out and I’ve sat on it since then. It’s even worse since he’s one of my favorite authors. My copy of the new Tim Powers novel, Three Days to Never, arrived as well. That should be good and being between terms gives me a week or two to read.