Birthday Madness

R and I just got home from seeing Gary Numan play at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I’d never seen him play live before and I’d never been to the famous Fillmore so it was a double-treat. R got the tickets for us as a birthday present for me a couple of months ago.

R and I spent the day doing birthday stuff for the most part. We went out to breakfast at our favorite little breakfast spot, the Oakland Grill, which is in the warehouse area near Jack London Square. Following that, we went to the Alameda Animal Shelter and looked at cats for adoption. The room where they keep them is tragic as there are roughly 40 cats in separate cages there, all wanting out to be loved and mewing the whole time they see you. That part kind of sucked. We did find a five month old black and white little girl to adopt. She was extremely friendly and, when we took her out, entwined herself about our legs and generally purred like crazy. She was poking at us through the door of the cage and generally being eager. They are spaying her (?) on Monday and we’ll have her on Tuesday or Wednesday.

In the afternoon, we went to a nice dessert place in Berkeley and had European confections as birthday cake and cappuccinos. The end of the day was the concert. All in all, a good time.