R and I went to see Snakes on a Plane last night. I must say, it was an extremely ‘B’ movie but fun nonetheless. I expected non-stop idiocy and snakes and that is what I received. Good times.

I have nothing else to report except for word on the thesis front. My second would-be mentor decided that my thesis was too far outside of his expertise (despiting mentoring theses on such varied spiritual topics as Lithuanian Neopaganism and Zen in America) so he declined to take on my thesis. The next choice suggested by the head of my program was the head of the school’s philosophy department, who was, coincidentally, the professor for both my class on Rousseau this last term but also my class on the Greek polis the term before. I contacted him directly (including a class) and received an e-mail back this afternoon. He is provisionally willing to be my thesis mentor if there are no other immediate choices. It is outside his area as well (Gee, how surprising that Western Esotericism was outside the areas of anyone in the program…) but he finds the topic interesting. If I confirm this tomorrow, I should be able to start my thesis work, the one credit prep class, immediately. I’ll let people know what happens there.

Needless to say, the possibility of having no thesis mentor has made me a little agitated as it throws a massive monkeywrench in my ability to finish my degree.

I’m also pondering if there is anything from my thesis work or other areas around it that would be a decent topic for presentation at Pantheacon this next February. I need to consider that a bit as I don’t really want to be distracted by going off in the weeds to do a one-off item.

I also need to get off my butt and track down the local masons. I haven’t been to lodge since I moved but I am still a member in good standing in Seattle.